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    Configuring MGW link with CCDT

      Hi All.

      Using 10g ( and MQ 6.1 and 7.x

      Does anyone have any experience setting up the mqseries link using a ccdt ?

      The docs mention a brief one line and pretty much nothing else ...

      " MQ_ccdtUrl
      This property is used by WebSphere MQ Base Java and WebSphere MQ JMS. It specifies the URL string of a client channel definition table (CCDT) to be used. If not set, a CCDT is not used. If a CCDT is used, then the SYS.MGW_MQSERIES_PROPERTIES.channel link property must be NULL. "

      Keep getting error that says gateway can not open qMgr.

      "Failed to access queue AQMQ_ENQUEUE_Q@AQMQLINK; provider queue: QR.OR.AQ
      oracle.mgw.common.GatewayException: [800] MQSeries queue manager, PDORFD02, creation failed"

      I have essentially tried every link set up permutation I could with the create_msgsystem_link procedure.

      Any help, tips, etc would be greatly appreciated.