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    adf:tabbedPanel works perfect in ADF. but does not work in Portals.

    Tejas Deshpande
      I have created an application in which i have used the tabbed panel and adf command buttons to change between the tabs. The user can switch between the tabs by clicking on the tab and also by clicking on the command buttons.
      My problem is that, when i use cmdbuttons to switch tabs it works; but the first time i switch the tabs by clicking on the tabs, the cmdbuttons stop wotking. ie. after switching using tabs you can not switch using the cmdbuttons.
      The cmd buttons actions gets called. it inplements every line inside it, and returns.
      i have used,
      all the above lines get executed. if i print their discloused status using isDiscloused(), they show the expected result. but the changes are not reflected on browser.
      Please Help.