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    For calculating 80000 blocks taking more than 10 hours

    Virani Alpesh

      For calculating 80000 changelist enry taking more than 10 hours. Most of the times remining blocks is going up and down. Starting block calculation speed 1round 200 blocks/second but in few minutes block calculation speed come down at 20 or 16 blocks/second.

      I have set the blocksize according to the given in IOP manual. Tomcat memory assigned is 12 GB.
      I have enough memory on IOP server. It is using only 7 GB during block calculation out of assigned 12 GB.

      Have created one allocation map to roll up data from level2 to level1. This custom rool up is used in one measure and it is depended on input measure. I think it should not affect the block calculation.

      Help me on the same.