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    PO Quote price break approval

      We want to approve Price Break Quotation lines thru program in R12 (we have lots of lines, so can not be possible one by one from screen). Oracle form calls the QUOTATION_APPROVALS_PKG.Insert_Row (and additional activities) to do this. The procedure is just to insert into the approval table. But the approval process somewhere DOES update ICX tables, that I am not able to understand. Because of this missing ICX updates, the approval is NOT reflected in iProcurement if I just call QUOTATION_APPROVALS_PKG.Insert_Row. Does anyone has idea on what it does (like API calls) to update the ICX. Tables like ICX_CAT_ITEMS_CTX_HDRS_TLP & icx_cat_items_ctx_dtls_tlp are updated for sure as seen in the SQL Trace.

      Appreciate your help.