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    RMS Integration with inhouse software


      I am a newbie here and I don't know much about Oracle Retail Merchandising system. What I would want to know is that, is there a way to integrate/communicate from a .NET application to the Oracle RMS? i.e. Can I communicate to rms through asmx services, wcf services etc?

      Any information on the communication models would be helpful at this point.
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          Alan Lawlor
          Hi ???????

          There are a number of methods supported by Oracle retail, depending on what you are integrating with and what are the touchpoints with RMS that you require.

          The Oracle Retail preferred methods are that you use either BPEL or Oracle Retail RIB - where you would write Java components (calling your own inhouse APIs, access your inhouse webservices or direct JDBC access to database) which you would then configure into BPEL or RIB. Many of the touchpoints into/out of RMS have out-of-the-box Java components which in turn call RMS PL/SQL APIs (effectively database stored procedures), taking care of much of the internal complexities of the underlying data model and processes. Data is usually transferred in XML form between systems.

          From RMS 13.2 onwards, the RMS PL/SQL APIs are also Web Services enabled, meaning that you can call them using SOAP methods.

          For info on the RMS PL/SQL APIs and the Web Services wrappers for these, see the RMS Operations Guide Vol 2 - (Message Publication and Subscription Design) : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12448_01/rms/pdf/132/rms-132-og2.pdf