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    Compile errors

      Hi Guys,

      Help Newbie...
      Where are these compile errors recorded?

      hcp5 (flor)/users/joe $ r25convm ahs/ahs stype=rdffile source=LC_MINV_L dtype=repfile batch=YES dunit=character

      Reports: Release - Production on Fri Oct 12 13:34:54 2012

      Copyright (c) Oracle Corporation 1979, 1996. All rights reserved.

      REP-25200: Converting 'LC_MINV_L.rdf' to 'LC_MINV_L.rep'...

      'LC_MINV_L.rep' already exists. Do you wish to overwrite it? y

      Conversion of 'LC_MINV_L.rdf' cancelled.

      REP-1430: Cannot create REP File for report 'LC_MINV_L.rdf'. Compilation errors found.