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    BS vanilla script Workflow Utilities

      Hello, I always see this BS vanilla script called 'Workflow Utilities' and the method 'Echo' in the workflow. Tried to read the bookshelves but could not much help. Please help me understand this vanilla BS and explain what is used for and benefit if using it say in building up the workflow request? Appreciate all your inputs and insights. thanks again.

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          Usually this is used to copy values from one property set to another.

          You can read some more on Supportweb.
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            Could you kindly sight an example? is it limited for process property? But I am also seeing after the Query operation, it used this BS vanilla wf. Based from looking on the structure of the workflow, its like outputting the one that was not outputted in the before operation took in place. I woudl really appreciate for the detail example. Thank you
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              The post on Supportweb has a sample workflow as an example.

              But it looks like you have plenty of examples yourself already.
              As you noticed Echo is like a copy operation.
              If it works on more than property sets is something I haven't tested.

              I have the feeling there is more behind your question.
              Do these workflows have problems?
              What do you observe when you run these workflows through the Simulator?
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                Hello thank you for your effort in showing interest in answering my queries.
                Upon reading all articles/blogs/bookshelves referring to workflow utilities I think I got to know what its really used for. You are right, it copy values from one property set to another.

                To add up, there may be instance where you specify and manipulate the output parameters based from active record of the business component currently being manipulated by the workflow process.

                For the benefit of others, for example.

                You were given requirement to store all affected row ids to a field. You use process property to hold the particular row_ids, in the event that it has many affected row_ids, how are you going to store those in the process property without affecting the current context?
                So you make use of Echo method from BS Workflow Utilities to store the exact equivalent of the value and append all other affected row_ids.

                Once the process is completed, you will put the entire value captured thru the utilization of BS workflow utilities via echo method to the said field.

                It may be one of the example and there maybe more.

                After getting to understand this, I realized it could be a powerful tool in many ways depends of course the nature of the requirements.