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    Get IT Resource name from Resource name

      I have some Resource name (example AD User) and I need to get IT Resource name of this resource.
      How I can do this using APIs?
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          Dhananjay Neeraj2
          It is not possible straight forward...
          However, there is a way...

          You can use SQL Query....

          Use Join --> Resource (OBJ table) --> Then PKG table (For Provisioning Process Definition) --> TOS table --> Then SDK_KEY --> SDK table (Process Form)--> Then SDC (Means Column Name of Process Form) -->. SDC_KEY --> Then SDP --> (SDP table means Process Form Column Name's properties) --> Then SVR_KEY...

          Happy SQL Query Writing....
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            Nishith Nayan
            There is no Direct method to achieve this. Because IT resource is no where attached with RO. IT Resource is attached wih Process form .
            So, It can be achieved by 2-3 API/method.
            Write approach is to have a sql query as other poster has suggested here.
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              If resource is provisioned, then one way can be -

              Use getProcessFormData method of tcFormInstanceOperationsIntf
              Once process form data is available with you, iterate through the data and get required IT Resource.

              To use this method you need to provide process instance key.

              Refer below link for more details-