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    Renamed Volumes on Backup LDOM

    Dave-Raytheon Company
      When we originally created ldoms on the primary we had volume names as such

      front1_1vol /dev/rdsk/c6t60060160F180200040BD08CFB982DD11d0s2
      front1_2vol /dev/rdsk/c6t60060160F18020008CC29E0ABA82DD11d0s2
      front1_3vol /dev/rdsk/c6t60060160F1802000AA228339BA82DD11d0s2
      front1_4vol /dev/rdsk/c6t60060160F18020000ECD1E6CBA82DD11d0s2

      We stopped the domains copied the images and created the same volumes on another server using
      ldm list-constraints -x front > front.xml

      we then imported using create
      ldm add-domain -i front.xml

      Add originally the domains had the same volume names. At some point all the volume names got renamed to something as such. Not sure why they got renamed. The hostnames were changed to ctrlp and ctrls instead of tip1 and tip2.
      primary-vds0-vol31 /dev/rdsk/c6t60060160F180200040BD08CFB982DD11d0s2
      primary-vds0-vol32 /dev/rdsk/c6t60060160F18020008CC29E0ABA82DD11d0s2
      primary-vds0-vol33 /dev/rdsk/c6t60060160F1802000AA228339BA82DD11d0s2
      primary-vds0-vol34 /dev/rdsk/c6t60060160F18020000ECD1E6CBA82DD11d0s2

      We made changes to 1 VM on the primary and repeated the process with list-constraints and coping the updated image back over to the secondary not knowing these volume names got changed and now when we try and bind we get errors as such

      The volume "front1_1vol" does not exist on virtual disk server "primary-vds0".

      However the volume is there but with a different name.

      Can someone explain why the volume names got changed and is there a way to just rename a volume in the bindings without having to completely delete and reload everything.