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    Migrate certificate 3.x to Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.20


      I try to migrate from Sun iPlanet Web Proxy Server(SPWPS) 3.6 to Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server(OPWPS) 4.0.20 and I have some problem.

      I have an instance in SPWPS-3.6 with SSL certificate, when I migrate it to OPWPS-4.0.20 using the admin interface, the certificate
      is not migrate with this error message :
      Migrating Keys and Certificates...
      [Error] The password entered for the key is not valid
      Assimilation failed.
      But I am sure to enter the right password.

      After that I manage the new instance in administration interface, and in Security Panel, there is a choice to "Migrate 3.x certificate"
      I try this, but I get this error message
      Incorrect Usage
      The password entered is not valide

      Can somebody help me to resolve this problem ?

      Thanks in advance.