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      How can I get the fx properties.

      I can't find the javafx.lang package

      any hint for me, thx Olaf

      Key     Description of Associated Value
      javafx.version     JavaFX release version - javafx specific property
      javafx.application.codebase     Application codebase - javafx specific property
      javafx.screen.width     Screen width (pixels) - javafx specific property
      javafx.screen.height     Screen height (pixels) - javafx specific property
      javafx.java.version     Java Runtime Environment version
      javafx.java.vendor     Java Runtime Environment vendor
      javafx.java.vendor.url     Java vendor URL
      javafx.java.io.tmpdir     Default temp file path
      javafx.java.ext.dirs     Path of extension directory or directories
      javafx.os.name     Operating system name
      javafx.os.arch     Operating system architecture
      javafx.os.version     Operating system version
      javafx.file.separator     File separator
      javafx.path.separator     Path separator
      javafx.line.separator     Line separator
      javafx.user.home     User's home directory
      javafx.user.dir     User's current working directory
      javafx.timezone     User's timezone
      javafx.language     User's language
      javafx.region     User's region
      javafx.encoding     User's encoding
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          This is a JavaFX 2.0 forum.

          The FX().getProperty and java.lang packages are only available in the deprecated and unsupported JavaFX 1.x branch.

          It is advised that you used JavaFX 2.x rather than JavaFX 1.x.
          Downloads and documentation for JavaFX 2.x are here:

          For access to system properties, Java uses the Java System properties.
          A tutorial on some common Java System properties and a sample function to list all of the system properties is defined here:

          To list the system properties defined for JavaFX 2.x on your system, you can place the following line in the start method of your application:
          Note that some of the system properties are for internal use only and are not documented or guaranteed to be present or work the same in future JavaFX versions.
          But, in any event, the only JavaFX specific property I have found to be of any use is the one which lists the current version of JavaFX runtime being used by the app.
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            thx a lot