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    network adapter error 17002

      I have two PCs running SQL Developer with the same network adapter error (error code 17002). I use SQL Developer to connect to an Oracle 11.2 database. I had no issues making the connection until two days ago after installing Oracle Visual Studio tools. I do not have Oracle installed on either PC. I only connect to remote Oracle databases. I uninstalled Visual Studio tools and reinstalled SQL Developer but I have still have the same error. Every other user can connect to the same Oracle databases. I do not think there have been any changes to the remote server or databases. I have searched forums but have not found any solutions. I use a basic connection with a default role specifying the host name, port, and SID.
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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Here are some things you might try:

          1. Make sure your listener is actually up: lsnrctl status
          2. Try using the fully qualified host name (including domain) if you are not already doing so.
          3. Even if you uninstalled Studio, you might check your Windows ENV settings. (Not really sure, but to be safe!)

          That is, for [3], make sure any references to Studio have been removed from the PATH variable. You might also check to make sure either to remove any ORACLE_HOME variable, or at least make sure it makes no reference to the prior Studio installation.

          SQL Developer Team
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            Here is the resolution to my problem with the network adapter error. For the host name, I used the ip address of the server instead of the symbolic domain address. I am not sure if the problem resides with Oracle or my employer's network. Other users can use the domain address. I suspect the source of the problem is the configuration of my employer's network. Oddly, other users can still use the domain address. I need to use the ip address when directly connected to my employer's network and when indirectly connected using a vpn at my residence.