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    Integration Broker - Multiple Domains

      We have multiple environments on our test app and web server boxes. It seems like we have only one of these environments where the report manager is working. When we did our original installation of PIA on the web server, we installed only one domain - peoplesoft. Each of our environments is a separate instance under webserv\peoplesoft\applications\peoplesoft\portal. All of our web sites for each of these instances is working fine but I think we should have setup our pia so we have a separate domain for each environment/SID. As I look at the integrationGateway.properties file, I can see the URL for communicating with the app server. This properties file is under webserv\peoplesoft\application\peoplesoft\psigw. There is not a separate file (or folder) for each environment. This makes me think that the cause of the problem with the report manager is that we don't have a separate domain for each environment (i.e. webserv\Demo\applications..., webserv\Test\applications...).

      How do other shops setup the pia on their test boxes. Do you have a separate domain for each SID or do you run with just one domain and all of the SIDs are under that domain?


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          It is highly recommended to have a separate PIA for each environment.
          Especially for the correct use of the Integration Broker. One PIA instance can have only one gateway, which can connect to several application servers.
          If your PIA is setup to handle all traffic of separate peoplesoft instances (read application server/database DEV/TEST/etc) and especially if your environments have the same node names, the integration broker will route the message to the first instance. This can cause messages from DEV to be sent to TEST and you do not want this. Also from a security point of view, when you use the same node names across environments an you have SSO enabled, this will cause seamless access between DEV and TEST etc.

          To keep it short, every environment should have it's own PIA.


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            Thanks for the help