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    My /proc/<misc> entry is too large so its only displaying few entries

      I have created proc entry in my driver and the /proc data can be viewed from the Linux (Oracle Enterprise Linux) using a cat command.

      I have large amount of data to be displayed on the /proc file system. However only few initial few lines are printed and the remaining lines are truncated. It seems to be the page size issue of the proc. But when I run the same driver on Redhat machine, all my /proc data is displayed.

      I have 2 questions,
      Does the page size for the /proc varies among the linux distribution??
      How to increase the page size of /proc in OEL??

      One solution for this is to create multiple /proc entries inside the parent dir, but I need all the data to be printed with my single proc entry.

      Please provide some pointers to find a solution for this problem.

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          Your mileage with the virtual procfs filesystem may vary depending on the kernel version and system architecture (i386).

          What are you using or comparing?

          As far as I know, the current UEK 2 kernel is based on the mainline Linux kernel version 3 (2.6.39). Perhaps it explains the issue you are experiencing. Kernel 2.6 marks the beginning of sysfs (/sys), which apparently does a better job for showing device information than the legacy procfs. The use of procfs is depreciated, but kept for compatibility reasons.

          The following article should provide some more details: