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    Solaris 11 / AI / finish script

      AFAIK in Sol11 with Automated Installer the finish script was cancelled.
      So my question is what is the new method?

      Our finish scripts ( Sol 10 ) include something like:

      mkdir -p /a/etc/scripts

      How to implement this with AI in Sol11?


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          Please see Transitioning From Oracle Solaris 10 JumpStart to Oracle Solaris 11 Automated Installer:

          Instead of finish scripts, create an SMF service that runs once at first boot and executes a user-defined script.

          Most client system configuration is now done with SMF profiles. See Chapter 3 of the Jumpstart to AI guide cited above, and see Part III of Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Systems:
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            Oracle can't be serious!

            For a one liner in a finish script I have to create a SMF service?
            Sorry, it's to crack a nut with a sledgehammer!

            Thank you for the information.

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              You said your finish script includes, for example, a mkdir. I am saying the entire finish script needs to be re-examined. What is the script doing? Can you do that with SMF configuration profiles, profile templating, or derived manifests as described in the Automated Installer section of the installation guide? You might not need the finish script at all.
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                sorry for the delay!

                Another example from our finish script:

                echo "Preparing TSM for installation..."
                mkdir -p /a/soft/TSM
                cp -p ${SI_CONFIG_DIR}/Software/TSM/TSM-Client.tar.Z /a/soft/TSM
                cp -p ${SCRIPT_DIR}/TSM/install-TSM.sh /a/etc/init.d
                cp -p ${SCRIPT_DIR}/TSM/S85install-TSM /a/etc/rc3.d

                First step is to create a directory, second step is to copy the software and the last two steps is to copy the install scripts.
                In other cases we only need step 1 and step 2 because we install the software manually.

                So, the question is: How can that be done with AI?

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                  Well, as mentioned you will have to create a package which contains your finishscript. When it comes to your example you just would do a:

                  mkdir -p /soft/TSM

                  .. since /a is not used in S11.

                  When it comes to the files you copy, you either attach the files in your package directly, or you copy them of a NFS share..

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                    So far so good,

                    I think I have to study the new AI architecture at a glance.

                    This seems to be "a long and winding road" ( Thank you Paul ;) ).

                    I'll keep you informed.