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    Clone a Database

      Machine One:
      Oracle11g r2 on SUSE Linux 11 standalone server. Created a database db1 on a file system. Database files are backed up in FULL to the hard drive such as /u01/oradata/backup.

      Machine Two:
      Oracle 11g r2 on SUSE Linux 11 standalone server.

      Now, I want to clone the Machine One's backup to Machine Two so that I can use this machine as a testing server. All will be brought over including the users.

      I first did the full backup to /u01/oradata/backup. How can I restore it on Machine Two?

      Would you show me the detailed steps to complete this task? via dbconsole is preferred, other ways ok, too.

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          Since you are using Oracle 11 you can use Active duplicate : ( Complete step by step )


          I'll check my notes for another method.

          I also have this which you would have to change to use with remote, but most of it still applys :


          Best Regards


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            Shivananda Rao

            You can refer this document http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/backup.111/b28270/rcmdupdb.htm which explains you two methods of duplication.

            You can go with the "active database duplication" which does not require you to take the backup of database on machine 1, but since you have already taken it, you can go with "backup based duplication". Both these methods are explained in detail in the document I mentioned above.
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              Hi bro,i have seen this issue before , i have full backup file and i want to clone to another server , but i still not success
              can you give me a solution ?

              Trung Hieu
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                Asif Kabir
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                  Hemant K Chitale
                  To copy the backup from Machine 1 to Machine 2, you could either use

                  a. Tape Backups -- have the system administrator copy the folder from Machine 1 to tape and then restore to Machine 2
                  b. FTP or SFTP -- have the system administrator enable the FTP services on Machine 2 so that Machine 1 can use the FTP or SFTP client to copy the files across.

                  In either case, you need to have the filesystem on Machine 2 created first. The system administrator can create the file system.

                  Hemant K Chitale
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