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    Auto generated Dimension


      We are currently doing the baseline update from ATG and using PCOC component for adding record attributes or creating new dimensions in Endeca.

      I understand that a non-hierarchical auto-generated dimensions is created when "is-dimension=true" attribute is used against a property specified in the product-sku-output-config.xml of ProductCatalogOutputConfig component in ATG.

      a) How are the dimension values derived for this auto-generated dimension using the is-dimension=true attribute specified. Is there a way for us to add properties to each of the dimension values of this auto-generated dimension? If so please specify how.

      b) I would like to have a particular property to be present as both record attribute as well as a dimension. Can I achieve this using any attribute that can be used in PCOC component in ATG

      Please let us know if anyone has faced the similar issues and any resolutions for the same.

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          Ravi Honakamble|
          Hi Shabri,

          Refer Product Catalog Deployment template Guide http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35827_01/ToolsAndFrameworks.310/pdf/ProductCatalogDTGuide.pdf (Refer page 13 & 14)

          There is way you can add additional dimension values to an Endeca application by defining them in a CSV file and processing the file during a baseline update and also single column from the ATG table can be used as an Property and dimension both.

          Format of the Dimension Values CSV File
          Refer dimval.prop.:* - Optional. Any number of dimension value properties can be attached. The prefix must be: dimval.prop. For example, specifying "dimval.prop.currency" results in a key property named "currency" with a value equal to the value of dimval.prop.currency (e.g. "USD").

          Please let me know does that help or looking for something else.

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            Hi Ravi,

            Thanks for the response. We have been following the CSV files approach till now but just wanted to know if there are any attributes provided by default by ATG which we can use in PCOC component which makes the job easier.

            Currently when we use is-dimension=true for a particularly property in PCOC it only appears in the record dimensions and not record attributes. To achieve this we are explicitly defining a new property in schema.csv.

            Also do we need to do a baseline update from ATG everytime we make changes to these files in api_input folder or do we have any script that takes only these changes.

            Thanks once again.