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    GPShell open secure channel

      Hi all,

      I have Gemalto LinqUs USIM 64 sim card, I'm using GPShell in order to install my applet on it, I have problem with open-sc command, as you can see bellow it comes with an error "Cryptogram failed", I know my card is not loged, maybe some problem with the keys.

      card_connect -readerNumber 5
      select -AID A000000018434D
      Command --> 00A4040007A000000018434D
      Wrapped command --> 00A4040007A000000018434D
      Response <-- 6F20840FA000000018434D08090A0B0C000000A50D9F6E061291417733329F6501F
      open_sc -security 3 -keyind 1 -keyver 0 -mac_key E4F2156FR87T3BR4005554EDC4W42532
      4 -enc_key E4F2156FR87T3BR4005554EDC4W42532 -kek_key E4F2156FR87T3BR4005554EDC4W42532
      Command --> 805000010868A20F00C6CF0F3F00
      Wrapped command --> 805000010868A20F00C6CF0F3F00
      Response <-- 000029095004821155780401CEAA3B79E430C1D5F6751E8230DC735D9000
      mutual_authentication() returns 0x80302000 (The verification of the card cryptog
      ram failed.)

      I have some security files from my operators as bellows:

      <SecurityData securityID="A0000000180309" keysID="1" sync="0000000001">
      <!-- key set 4 -->
      <KeyValue recordNb="12" value="E4F2156FR87T3BR4005554EDC4W42532" algoNumber="3"/> <!-- kIc -->
      <KeyValue recordNb="13" value="E4F2156FR87T3BR4005554EDC4W42532" algoNumber="3"/> <!-- KID -->
      <KeyValue recordNb="14" value="E4F2156FR87T3BR4005554EDC4W42532" algoNumber="3"/> <!-- KIk -->

      and another file is :



      now the Question is: Do I sending the right parameter to open-sc command based on these files??

      Thanks in advance