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    [HELP] problem with oci8 in php

      Hello expert,i have a problem when install oci8.so on ubuntu 12,i'm trying with tutuariol

      but when i finished,i was creating a file with content
      *$username = 'system';*
      *$password = '123456';*
      oci_connect($username, $password, $db );

      echo 'a';
      but i don't know why ? althought true or false syntax,it still not show error message,in general,it can't echo result alter i call oci_connect function

      OS : Oracle Linux
      DB : 11g
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          Add some error checking after the connection call. During development, you might consider editing your php.ini file and setting display_errors to on. Also set error_reporting = E_ALL | E_STRICT (in PHP 5.3 or earlier) or the equivalent error_reporting = E_ALL (in PHP 5.4). Also check your Apache error log for any library issues.

          There is some useful information in the free book http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/php/underground-php-oracle-manual-098250.html
          In particular, check "Handling OCI8 Errors" at the bottom of page 138.

          Off topic, your $db string is equivalent to the much simpler: $db = "";