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    HCM Cloud Offering

      Has anyone tried the trial yet from cloud.oracle.com?


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          When I click on the 'Try it' link, a pop up asks me to call a number. Are you able to get a trial version sorted out?
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            At present, Trials are provided to qualified customers based upon their need to evaluate the offering.
            Calling the number provided gets you a call back from an Oracle rep that can set up a trial for potential customers.
            Within the next few months - there will be a self service trail provided that will enable customers to tour the application to determine the full extent of its capabilities.

            If you really want to review the app, give the number a call.
            I'd ask the person that contacts you back for a copy of the Fusion Applications Explorer.
            More information on the FAE can be found at this link via an online learning session. http://www.oracle.com/webapps/dialogue/ns/dlgwelcome.jsp?p_ext=Y&p_dlg_id=9241699&src=7058810&Act=26

            You can also get a high level preview of the applications by downloading the Fusion Tap application from the AppStore with your iPad.
            It comes with a preloaded demonstration of the HCM application for iPad.
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              Thanks for the update and clarification.

              I have downloaded the Fusion Tap app and I use it frequently in demo mode to show potential customers the mobile developments!


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                Thanks for that :). I work for one of the partners of Oracle and was really interested in learning and understanding the product. I didnt want to wait for my company to install the product in house and provide access. Also, I wish Oracle would build the Fusion Tap app with HTML5 so that its compatible with other platforms and not just restricted to iPad.
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                  Silviog -Oracle
                  You may want to note that Fusion Tap is now working in server mode for selected customers, and will be GA in release 7.