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    Performance issue after PT Upgrade.

      Hakan and Team ,

      We recently moved from PT 8.48 TO PT8.51.18 on CRM 8.8 Application.

      After the upgrade, we tremendously saw big performance issues with PeopleSoft CRM Application. It freezes almost every day and all their work-force (call center representatives) go idle. It significantly impacts their productivity and eventually losing revenue.

      can you please suggest few suggestion or DOC that will help us to improve performance on application and DB side.

      Deatils :-

      SQL SERVER 2005
      Windows 2008 R2
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          Performance is always a difficult one to tackle.
          It can be at so many levels, DB, Appserver, Webserver, CPU, RAM, Infra, etc.

          At OOW2012, David Kurtz gave a great highly detailed presentation on this subject: CON9210 - Performance Tuning for PeopleSoft Administrators

          See if you can apply some of the keypoints from his presentation.