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    RPAS AP - Like Item Selection


      Requirement - In Define Item Attributes Worksheet of Assortment Creation/Buying Plan workbook, the Like item selection for Place holder (new) items should not display all the Items in the Product Hierarchy, instead it should Pull only those items where the UDA-IDs match that of the Place holder items.

      Please suggest how can this be achieved?

      1. We are considering to meet this requirement by calculating matching items through nightly batch which stores the matching items for a particular placeholder (new) item in an alternate dimension. However, I guess its not a good method as we are playing with the original product hierarchy file and all these unnecessary matchin items will pop-up while displaying the product hierarchy in some other workbook.

      2. Another method is to store the matching items in measure. However that is not possible as well as we will have n number of new items and x number of matching items for each new item. Is there any way of storing this information in a measure, so that this measure can be used to load the pick list with correct matching items corresponding to the new item??

      3. Will it be too slow to calculate the matching items on the fly while loading the UI? And how can it be done?

      Please suggest an appropriate way to solve this problem or let me know if am going in the right direction?


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