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    Need assistence in applying user/default preferences for workspace


      please I need some advice no how to apply user/default/system preferences for (5000=) users in workspace/ IR.
      Setting the explorer as a default startup for all new/ existing 5000+ users succeeds. I do not need help for that. Altough its a lot of work via the UserInterface.
      1 How to set it the default for any new users is still a question for me.
      2 Besides that I would like to know how is determined when an user is a new user. (we do not have native users but only via network group provisioned MSAD users)
      3 Furthermore we would like to set the Interactive Webclient as the default IR viewer, for both new as existing users.
      4 and last but not least we like to set the prompt to save documents to false (for new and existing users)

      I found a lot of related but old articles, even some not supported production articles. But for version I find it difficult to get a solution.

      I solved most matters in 931 by editing the prefs.inc file on the web/applicationserver.
      But don't know how and which line to change in this prefs.inc file in version 11 due to syntax changes.

      Any help would be much appreciated.