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    Problems with Document protocal parameters for EDI_EDIFACT in Oracle B2B

      Hi All,

      I am using oracle application server integration B2B version 10.1.2. And I am facing following issues while configuring protocol paramters for EDI_EDIFACT document type.
      1. Currently UNA segment is getting displayed with a character '*' and for CEGEDIM[one of our trading partners] its not a valid format. They want the character '*' to be removed from UNA. Please suggest a workaround.

      2. Following is the format where UNB segment is getting displayed by B2B server:
      UNB+UNOA:1+748:ZZ+024:ZZ+121010:1115+1158+ INVOIC+++1' . We have 3 issues here.
      A.There is a space between two '+' signs before the data element INVOIC. How to remove this space?
      B. Value 024 varies from invoice to invoice which is a dynamic value to be passed. How should we handle dynamic values?
      C. Between INVOIC and 1 there is a place for 3 data elements but we want to have just 2 places. How do we remove the extra data element?

      3. Carriage return after each segment in the .dat file that has been generated by B2B server. Is this possible?

      Could you please help me in getting this issue resolved as our UAT is on hold? If anything more required would share the same.

      Thanks in advance,

      Hari Priya.