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    Retrieving (Coherence) log files from EM


      quick question. Although I can see in the documentation that EM allows to create logs alerts:


      I was wondering if I can retrieve a specific log from any of the machines within the Coherence cluster, without having to log on locally.

      Many thanks
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          The Log Alert is a Host level feature. We dont have specific for Coherence logs.
          Is this Standalone Coherence or running on WLS?
          Could you pls provide more info about customer and usecases.
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            thanks for your reply.

            In this case, the cluster is being monitored/managed using Cloud Control's Coherence Management pack.
            I was wondering whether there is any feature on EM Cloud Control which allows to retrieve a log file from any of the "monitored" hosts (machines on which Coherence member run) without having to remotely log into the machine (SSH, RDP, etc) to obtain it.

            I hope this shed some light on my question. Thanks
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              If this Coherence is running on WLS then there is a WLS management feature that allows user to export the FMW logs.
              For standalone Coherence currently we only support setting Log Alerts at Host level.

              I would like to work with this customer, could you please share more details.
              We can study and consider their use case.