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    Can PATCH_TOP be shared in multi tier configurations

      While runing the configuration step for a new project, I received the following error:
      Checking that the remote patch directory specified exists...
      The PATCH_TOP value is currently set to /ptch/applmgr/ptchappl/patch.
      Verifying that this directory exists on the 115_ADM node...
      Encountered problems, please see below for details.
      It is true the directory doesn't exist. We store all our patches in a shared common area with subdirectories designatef by O/S since we have more than 1 O/S. This enables us to cut down on disk storage required to hold the patches.
      Is there a way to set PATCH_TOP to a shared directory? How do I do this on each of the nodes before I finish the configuration step?
      If MW doesn't support this, then is it OK to just use a symbolic link on all nodes to point to the shared patch area? Or will that confuse MW when it is trying to download/copy patches to the nodes?
      Thanks, Dean