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    Question on Service Date on Debrief Form in Service Request


      I have a requirement to fetch the Service Date on the Debrief form under Labor Section. The issue what i am seeing is the Service Date which was showing on the application is not the same what was stored in the CSF_DEBRIEF_LINES table. It is always storing in the table as one hour behind. I also observed that system is not allowing me to enter the time stamp in the Service Date field and the time stamp it is taking from the application/system time. Can anybody help me to understand this?

      I am using the below query to fetch the data for one Service Task

      select a.attribute1 percentage_complete, c.task_number child_task_number,b.owner project_task_manager,
      (select task_number from jtf_tasks_b z where c.parent_task_id = z.task_id) parent_task,e.service_date service_date
      from csf_debrief_headers a, cs_incidents_v b, jtf_tasks_b c, jtf_task_assignments d,csf_debrief_lines e
      where a.task_assignment_id = d.task_assignment_id
      and d.task_id= c.task_id
      and c.source_object_id = b.incident_id
      and c.source_object_type_code = 'SR'
      --and a. task_assignment_id = 282632
      and c.task_number = 87690
      and a.debrief_header_id = e.debrief_header_id