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    XML parsing in CEP

      Hi All,

      I somehow strongly feel OCEP should have much more XML support.
      Firstly we need not to use XML marshalling/unmarshalling to and from Java classes.

      Secondly event definition could have supported through XSD(s).

      Lastly CQL should have a solid XML parsing capability (although it has some XQuery based naive support). If we had the support, it would have been much more easier send data directly from some bus (e.g. OSB) to OCEP and apply the pattern using CQL.

      Life would be much more simpler.... Isn't it?


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          Thanks for the feedback.

          We do support XML natively in CQL.

          For example, consider the following query:

          stream[rows 10]
          group by c1

          In this case, you don't need to marshal/unmarshal XML into a Java Binding.

          Please take a look at our CQL reference guide.

          In addition, in the next releases, we will have full support for EDN-based events that are defined using EDL (e.g. XSD).

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            Hi Alex

            Nice to get feedback directly from creator.

            Always felt EDN integration is an obvious future step. I feel it kind of completes gaps in Oracle EDA offering. ESB (in this case SOA suite) can be biggest source of events in an enterprise.

            Having said that can we get some more details on what next release of OCEP is bringing along? Anything on CEP dashboard. Whenever we are trying to build a solution around CEP, we had to rely on BAM. No offense on BAM, that is indeed a powerful tool. But to represent a pattern of data graphically, it seems overkill. Or am I missing something?


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