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    Performance testing metrics


      My client wants a performance testing done on their EBS application(on linux) and they would like provide them with metrics related to I/O performance. Client wants to move the application to a better storage media , if the current i/O performance is not good enough. Which OLT metrics would give me the measurements needed to assess the I/O performance? Please help.


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          From the doc (OLTLoadTestingServerStatsGuide.pdf)
          % Busy Time - Percentage of time disk is busy. If high, possible disk bottleneck or low
          Queue Length - Average disk queue length. If high, possible disk bottleneck or low

          But much better than that, you should ask system engineers how they can get metrics from a storage device or from the O/S using a commandline or SNMP MIB.
          Then you can use Virtual Agent to execute a specific command line and retrieve the result or use SNMP to get the MIB metric.

          Hope it can help
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            Thanks JB
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              Hi JB,

              Metrics that you mentioned above ( queue length and %busy time of disk), can only be measured for windows operating system. When I selected DISK related metrics under Server stats configuration screen, it was prompting only for windows system Userid/password and domain name.

              As my requiremement is to monitor the disk performance of a linux server, I configured only the following metrics for my linux server - %disk space used,disk size,disk space available,disk space in use,cpu idle time,cpu system time,cpu user time and free memory. These measurements dont give me disk busy time or queue length. Would appreciate your comments on this.


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