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    Construction of Error Message using Siebel Workflow

      Hello All,

      We have a requirement that throws error message. The throwing of error message is comprise of all affected account notes. So it’s like, given there are 5 affected account notes. We are outputting it in this format.

      "Affected account notes are: Note1, Note2, Note3 and Note4."

      So basically, we want to put ‘and’ connotation prior to the latter record. Right now, we are able to output the list but in this format.

      "Affected account notes are: Note1, Note2, Note3, Note4"

      As you can see, it’s confusing and not conducive with regards to proper context of grammar. So we would like to have an ‘and’ to indicate the last record.

      To come up with this, we utilize the ‘Wf Utilities’ via Echo method, by storing all affected account notes which will be thrown to the user. It’s just that, we don’t know how are we able to construct the proper arrangement as shown above example.

      The output argument in the ‘Wf Utilities’ step in workflow is done like this:

      Property Name – AccountNote
      Type – Expression
      Value – “ ”+[&AccNote1]+”,”+[&AccNote2]+” “

      We use the ‘NextRecord’ operation in the ‘Query-step’ to loop all the affected account notes and later on will be thrown to the user.

      Please if you happen to expirienced this, kindly do let us know. I know this can be done thru scripting, but we prefer to have it on workflow instead so the entire requirement will be covered in a single workflow.

      Thank you very much and looking forward for the responses.
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          Sambit K

          You are using a query step to loop records that means you can identify which one is last incoming note i.e by getting a count of total affected notes .

          What you can do is,start concatenating all your notes one by one in a WF process property(AccountNote) and use the same expression what you have mentioned(“ ”+[&AccNote1]+”,”+[&AccNote2]+” “),once you reach the last note put an "and" instead of ","(“ ”+[&AccountNote]+”and”+[&AccNote n]+” “) , where [&AccountNote] is the process property where all concatanated notes are being stored.