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    WLST find appropriate metods from Python

      Hi there

      I'm monitoring a 10.3 WLST and I have problems finding out which methods (primary get's) I can use.

          servers = domainRuntimeService.getServerRuntimes();
          for server in servers:
              jmsRuntime = server.getJMSRuntime();
              jmsServers = jmsRuntime.getJMSServers();
              for jmsServer in jmsServers:
                  destinations = jmsServer.getDestinations();
                  for destination in destinations:
                      print str(destination.getProductionPaused()    #### does NOT work - no such thing ?!?!?
                      print destination.getMessagesCurrentCount()  #### works fine
                      print destination.getProductionPausedState()  #### works fine - but since I have to make if/elses etc on them, i would prefer the booleans
      I have the manual in:

      And I know the attributes are in there - but how many of them can I get out of there ?

      I have also tried:

      destination.ProductionPause (as if the attribute as public).

      Best regards