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    Not able to test webservice through enterprise manager

      Hi All,

      We have deployed few composites. Deployment was successful. but when we try to test the service using "Test" button in the composite. we are getting an error below the WSDL URL in the Test Webservice page.

      Following is the error:
      Either the WSDL URL is invalid or the WSDL file is not valid or incorrect. - oracle.sysman.emas.sdk.wsm.WsmServiceAccessException: Cannot locate service: oracle.wsm.policymanager.IPolicyService

      I'm able to open the WSDL in browser. We dont have any OWSM policlies set for any of the composites.

      When i use the WSDL URL in a partner link, the operation and other properties getting loaded, i/p and o/p elements of the WSDL also getting retrieved.

      SOA version:

      This is applicable for all composites we deployed.

      Please help us in resolving this issue.


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