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    TimesTen Replication with Oracle

      I am generating some 100k data in TimesTen i would like to replicate those data to Oracle database.
      What will happen if there is sudden crash in the system of TimesTen ,how replication will takes place ,once again i reconfigure the replication to oracle whether the data which are inserted in TimesTen will get reflected or i need to manually need to load the data,is it is possible.

      If there is sudden crash then how the data at the TimesTen end will be written to the disk ,since data which are been written to disk are on the basis of check-pointing and transaction logging. if so how to avoid this situation in real time.

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          The 'replication' to Oracle (actually AWT cache group) works by capturing the changes from the TimesTen transaction logs. Once a change reaches the TT transaction logs on disk it is safe and once the TT machine, TimesTen and the replication agent are back up replication will resume from where it left off.

          More generally, data stored in TimesTen is persisted and protected using the checkpointing and transaction logging mechanism within TimesTen. By default, TimesTen uses asynchronous write to the logs (DurableCommits=0). This gives very high performance but in the event of a failure you will lose the last few committed transactions. If this is not acceptabel you can tell TimesTen to use synchronous commit to disk (DurableCommits=1). This is much (and I mean hugely) slower but ensures that all committed transactions are safe (unless the disk itself fails). TimesTen also provides TimesTen to TimesTen replication (both asynchronous and synchronous) as an additional / alternative method of data protection.