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    R12 - API to Create Serial Numbers for Ordered Item in Receipt

    Priyanka Pawar
      Hello All,

      I got a requirement to create PO Receipt using PL/SQL code. For that i have created PL/SQL code to insert data in following Interface tables,
      a) rcv_headers_interface
      b) rcv_transactions_interface

      After inserting data in Interface table executed Concurrent Program "Receiving Transaction Processor" to process data from Interface table to Base Table. This process is working perfectly fine for "Non-Catalog" requests. But if i try to process any PO having Inventory Item whose Serial Control is set to "At Receipt" then i got following error at Interface table,
      "Fail to validate serials".

      To resolve this issue i need to create and process serial number for Ordered Item selected to Receive. Can anyone guide me regarding how can I generate Serial Numbers using API for PO Receipts.