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    Controller Ide don't detected when installing oracle Vm Server 3.1.1 CD

      I've a problem with ide integrated controlle on my mainboard

      Mainboard for test :
      2 2asus m2a-vm with 6 GB ram
      1 controller ide -----------> old IDE 40gb hard disk for boot
      4 SATA (none)

      1 CPU OPENFILER with 2 160 raid 1
      250 raid1

      1 CPU for oracle vm manager

      i want use my old 40GB ide disk for boot oracle vm server machine but setup don't have the appropriate kernel
      i've tried download the linux mainboard drivers for install driver from image but the error message says "Failed to find friver disk from file"
      the integrated SATA controller are ok but with the integrated ide (cdrom ide and hard disk) i've this problem.
      can anyone help me?
      I would like to use SATA HD for openfiler's machine's (cluster pool and virtual hard drive repository)
      Best Regards
      Giuseppe from Italy