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    Help with Coherence EntryProcessor design

      Hi Gurus,

      We are in the process of designing our End Of Day Trade processing application on Coherence 3.7.1, the use case is as under

      1. Trades coming through JMS channels are split in to Parent Trade + Child SubTrades, these trades and subtrades are placed in to their respective cache, collocated by Key Affinity.

      2. We want to use Entry Processors to process each type of SubTrade and update the Parent Trade (An EntryProcessor per SubTrade Type).

      3. Once all SubTrades are processed, The Trade reaches the Completed State and should be Audited and removed from the cache with all its SubTrades.

      The EntryProcessors are working fine on preloaded Cache, Can you Gurus please verify the approach and please advise us how to extend it further for Trades being added to the cache after the invocation of the EntryProcessors, i.e we want to call these processors recursively. Is there a way to know when all EntryProcessors has completed so a new Execution for the same can be initiated, we want to avoid a number of event processors lined up unnecessarily.


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