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    Weblogic.XML - Dynamic JNDI


      In my current application we have cluster set up with JDBC Session Replication enabled. Unfortunately, i was forced to give the persistent-store-pool and persistent-store-table value directly in the weblogic.xml. Is there any way, where i can configure these values in property files and load the JNDI value in runtime? Something like ${JNDI}, ${TABLENAME}..




      Kindly help me on this aspect.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          You cannot include Dynamic JNDI or table with in static xml file.

          cluster will copy the JNDI copy to individual cluster member while runtime during synchronization time.

          So you can void such vlaue with in weblogic.xml file.

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            Thanks a lot for your quick response.

            We have different environment @ our end. Each will have different Connection Pool JNDI Name configured. we maintain a property file that holds the list of JNDI configured in that environment. Application runs without any issues.

            When it comes to weblogic.xml - i cannot have the same JNDI configured in all the servers .

            As of now, we will deploy the same WAR file across servers, all the JNDI name will be fetched from the property file.

            Is there any way i can get the JNDI name from outside the WAR file?


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              Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

              That is fine to get JNDI details from your properties files but thing is even though if JNDI is same server or external server you need make a connection with that server to make Map of same JNDI name.

              So make sure that you make connection before you bind your JNDI details.