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    Error initializing knowledge base in when run ./gactl start on ODP & ODQ

      hello expert... I have a problem with ODP & ODQ (Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality
      I can't find more information about the file gaserver.ini, when I run the gactl start, show me:
      17:14:10 10/16/12 : CRITICAL : Unable to open vulgarity table (-1).
      17:14:10 10/16/12 : CRITICAL : Error initializing knowledge base in '/u02/app/Oracle/product/11.1.1/odidq_1/oracledq/12/tables/gatables/datastore/rdata/'.
      17:14:10 10/16/12 : INFO : Server shutdown.

      I have not any file in path ../datastore/rdata, but not find in the documentation how configure it...please any help?