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        OLE2 works well.

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          hello :)

          I'm bit new to oracle, so can anyone help in making a pl/sql report. I know how to build a simple report in oracle 11 i and report builder 6i,, bt facing problem in making a pl/sql report,,which use api like fnd_output.. Basically, i want to know different type of reports we can make in oracle like report in which we want to use output in excel..

          Any help will b appreciable..... :))

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            Thanks for the reply Tony.....

            can you please tell me where we use " fnd_output " in reports... and wht is a difference between .rdf report and pl/sql report....

            That will b very helpful.... :)
            • 18. report 6i
              Amatu Allah Neveen Ebrahim
              i think this would resolve the confusion

              .rdf is the extension of report design time
              AMatu Allah
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                Hii to all..... aftr lot of googling i am unable to find a good example on form personalization.

                Can anyone send me a link through which i can practice form personalization in oracle apps 11i.

                For making forms, Tool using form builder 6i.

                Thx in Advance... :))
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