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    what is difference between SOA and BPM?

      What is the difference between SOA and BPM?
      Is it required SOA knowledge to learn BPM? Thanks.
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          Dan Atwood
          Oracle BPM rests on the foundation of Oracle's SOA Suite infrastructure. BPM leverages this to integrate and automate services, execute the processes and display the user interfaces.

          SOA developed application services are complementary to BPM. Although you can have Oracle BPM without having a SOA initiative going on in your organization, an Oracle BPM composite project is in fact a SOA-based application. Oracle BPM applications are loosely coupled with and isolated from the inner workings of the services that are consumed. The services the BPM processes consume are accessed through SOA's well-defined service interfaces and operations. The responses the processes receive from the services are based on service contracts that are published and known to Oracle BPM thanks to SOA.

          Someone on a BPM project needs to have a firm grasp of SOA.

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            thanks Dan.

            I have some Q's.. and Sorry_ if i dint catch your point clearly...
            You mean to say we should have some SOA knowledge to get BPM right?
            you said,if we are using BPM means it is in fact SOA based Application but what exactly makes difference between SOA and BPM ?

            If there is no difference why two and if there is diff why should i prefer BPM other than SOA..

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              SOA as its name stands helps in created 'Service Oriented' services and is more execution centric.
              BPM takes advantage of these services and adds human centric approach to business processes.

              SOA (SOA Suite) follows BPEL standard and BPM follows BPMN standard.

              Prefer BPM when you have a need for human centric approach - for example your business process involves several human interactions like employee supervisor etc.

              IMHO If you do not have much of human interaction (different roles/users) BPM is not for you.
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                Daniel said it right - "an Oracle BPM composite project is in fact a SOA-based application"

                To a beginner, I would say...
                The basic difference you can observe between the two is that

                BPM brings both process analysts and process developers under one hood. Its a COLLABORATION TOOL/TECHNOLOGY where business guys model the processes and technical guys implement the same...and using the same tool...and its an iterative process...This gets both IN SYNC...any change in the model will immediately reflect to the developer so that he can act accordingly...

                Whereas in SOA Suite, you dont have this flexibility to get business analysts. They define business models(using their own way, say visio), hands them over to technical guys. Tech guys interpret them and start implementing the processes using the tool(SOA Suite in this case)

                At a very high level, we can say
                Oracle BPM Suite 11g = BPMN(Modelling tools/tech. like BPMN, process spaces, etc.) + (Oracle SOA Suite 11g components like BPEL, Human Tasks, Business Rules)

                By the above desc, its always good you have SOA knowledge to work with BPM
                Hope this answers your qn.


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                  Hi Ravi,
                  thanks for your reply...I am clear now for my question. Now am starting basic understanding of SOA to learn BPM.
                  • 6. creating users and groups in weblogic.
                    Alluri Sitharamaraju
                    I am new for oracle BPM technology.I want know how to create users and groups with e-mail in weblogic server.can you please give me an information.Currently we are using oracle bpm
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                      You can do it in weblogic console. However, if you want to create managerial hierarchies, directly with the console, you will not be able to do it. You need to do that seperately either using a LDAP client, or thru some java pgm(link below).

                      Please look at this link
                      This will create a demo user community.

                      Also, Its always better to start a new post rather than continuing the old one :)

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                        I have created only users and groups without email in weblogic server.

                        Weblogic Console - > Security Realms- >Users and Groups..

                        I have checkd in the same path for email...I dint get it..
                        If u get anything pls reply..

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                          click on a particular user --> attributes
                          here you'll set various details about the user.

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                            Alluri Sitharamaraju
                            Thank you very much to all.
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                              Alluri Sitharamaraju
                              Hi kiransaravi,

                              I can try that.But I unable to do.Please give the steps for adding the various details of all those users.can you please help me .
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                                Dan Atwood
                                It might be good to open a new thread on this when you get a chance.

                                WebLogic uses an embedded LDAP server for small environments. Normally we'd use this in development before we'd tie into a customer's LDAP server environment when we go to UAT (e.g. Active Directory or OID).

                                As you have seen, the attributes displayed in the WebLogic Console are a subset of the actual attributes stored for users. To get at and change those other attributes like the manager and the timezone, install an LDAP browser like jXplorer (http://jxplorer.org/downloads/) as an LDAP browser.

                                Don't do this for a production environment, but before using jXplorer for the first time, add a credential in the WebLogic console by clicking the root Domain -> click the Security tab -> click "Embedded LDAP" tab. In the credential field enter a new password (e.g. "welcome1") and enter it again in the "Confirm Credential" field. Click Save and then make sure that you restart Weblogic.

                                When you connect to WebLogic's embedded LDAP using jXplorer, the settings you need to use are:

                                Port - port for your Admin Server (default is 7001)
                                Base DN - "dc={your WebLogic domain's name}"
                                User DN - "cn=Admin"
                                Password - {the setting you added in the Weblogic "Credential" field}

                                If you are using JXplorer, expand "people" and click one of the users -> click the "Table Editor" tab. If you're changing or adding a manager to a user, click in the field next to "manager" and enter:

                                uid={id of the manager here},ou=people,ou={the name of your security realm - e.g. "myrealm"},dc={your domain's name}

                                To change the user's timezone you'd think it would be the "timezone" field, but the field to change for the user using the LDAP browser is the "orcltimezone" field. Once you change this from "America/Los_Angeles" to "America/Chicago" the user will see the central timezone's time in the Workspace.

                                Hope this helps,