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    How to Install and apply the Diagnostic Pack for Fusion Middleware on EM


      we have installed ADF Runtime along with Enterprise Manager on IBM-AIX-64-BIT-7.1 version. now, we are planning to install the Diagnostic pack for fusion middleware inorder to monitor the ADF Application deployed on weblogic 10.3.6 server from Enterprise Console. Can anybody suggest, the diagnostic pack for fusion middleware compatability version for our OS,weblogic 10.3.6.

      Nagaraju Manchala
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          Hi Nagaraju,

          The packs just represent packaged licensing and usually don't need to be installed. However, I assume you are referring to the Diagnostic Pack for Oracle Middleware. If so, the functionality is actually not part of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. All of the WLS and FMW management features are licensed via WebLogic Management Pack EE or the appropriate FMW pack licensing such as SOA Management Pack EE for SOA Suite and OSB and Management Pack for Oracle WebCenter for WebCenter and UCM. The Diagnostic Pack for Oracle Middleware includes the standalone AD4J and JRMC diagnostic tools which can be downloaded from e-Delivery and installed separately. It is solely dedicated to diagnostics at the end of the day as opposed to monitoring.

          Most prefer WLS Management Pack EE for monitoring and managing WebLogic and Oracle App Server apps along with the RUEI product, but you definitely can take advantage of AD4J and JRMC today. It should be noted that WLS Management Pack EE allows the usage of JVM diagnostics as well which is much broader in its 24/7 diagnostics and monitoring capabilities at the JVM level than the standalone AD4J component. In addition, the diagnostics is supplemented with the middleware diagnostics advisor, performance summary and composite application dashboards, diagnostic snapshots, and other functionality. In addition, WLS Management Pack EE includes all of the configuration management (config compare, compliance policies, patch tracking, etc) and lifecycle management features (domain and Java EE provisioning, patch automation). Anyways, it is probably just easier to take a look at the self-running demos for the features on OTN under EM and YouTube in the WebLogic Server or Oracle Learning channels.

          Also, to your oriiginal point, you don't need to install the pack. You can discover WLS and FMW targets out of the box immediately. There are additional components you can download under the EM umbrella such as Real User Experience Insight (RUEI - monitors actual user activity on the front-end and associates it with EMCC targets) and Business Transaction Management (BTM - formerly AmberPoint, which provides payload aware business transaction monitoring). Both RUEI and BTM data integrates with EMCC via the Business Application dashboard, so you can still have a single console view of your application even though the RUEI and BTM components are installed separately.