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    Timesten error: TT8179: Cannot create duplicate store : store already exist


      When we are trying to replicate the database from master to standby using the below command

      ttrepadmin -duplicate -from master1 -host "slc01mux" -keepCG -cacheuid ttorauser -cachepwd timesten -uid ttorauser -pwd timesten master2

      got the following error

      TT5160: Failed to prepare Oracle objects for datastore duplication: File bdbConn ect.c, Line 4585, (ORA-01017) ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

      Later i created the same user(ttorauser) in the standby node as below

      create user ttorauser identified by timesten;
      grant admin to ttorauser;

      connect "dsn=master2;uid=ttorauser;pwd=timesten;oraclepwd=timesten";
      call ttcacheuidpwdset ('ttorauser','timesten');
      call ttcachestart;

      and now for the same ttrepadmin command i am getting the above mentioned error in the subject.

      TT8179: Cannot create duplicate store : store already exists

      Thanks in advance.