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    Nutritional Composition Gain/Loss

      In the Formulation Spec, when in the Formulation tab, after entering ingredients (material specs) into the formula and clicking on the basis (popup window) for an ingredient in the formula, in the same line as the yield and percent for that ingredient, inside the basis window on the "Nutrition" tab for the ingredient, inside of the nutritional data the third column states that it is for "Overrides -OR- Gain/Loss Factor" however it appears that only the "Overrides" field is editable. The Gain/Loss factor is ineditable. Is this normal, or is the Gain/Loss Factor normally also editable? How can I make that Gain/Loss Factor field editable? It would solve a major problem for me if the Gain/Loss Factor for nutrition within an ingredient in a formula, if it would help calculate gain/loss information for specific nutrients. Thank you