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    How to apply Bundle Patch in Rolling Mode for 2 Node RAC

      Hi Guys,

      I have a 2 node RAC environment ( where each node has there own local Grid_home and RDBMS_home.

      I am installing a Rolling Bundle Patch with OPatch in this environment. The installation document says that "The order of patching in RAC install is GRID_HOME, then RDBMS_HOME" so i did the following.

      1. stopped all oracle related services on node1
      2. set oracle_home=<Grid_home>
      3. applied the opatch
      4. opatch succeeded on node1 and it says "The node 'NODE2' will be patched next... Is the node ready for patching? y

      Here i am bit confused.

      1. Should i shutdown the oracle services in Node2 and continue to patch the Grid_home ? If yes then the DB will be completely down for user access. This defeats the purpose of rolling mode which says there is no downtime.

      2. Should i patch the RDBMS_home on node1 , start all the oracle services on node1 , stop the oracle services on node2 and then resume the opatch on node1 which is waiting to patch the Grid_home on node2 ?

      Please advice.

      Ashok Kumar.G