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    Publication Contract always in NEW status COUNTRY_FULLSYNC

      I ran SETID_INITIALIZE from HCM --> ELM successfully.

      Then I activated the Service Operation for COUNTRY_FULLSYNC.
      I created my own routing from HCM to ELM (since the delivered one uses a Transform program from version 2 to version 1. We're on PT8.52 so I'm assuming we just want the latest version and therefore don't need the Transform program).
      I also activated all the handlers on the ELM side (CountryFullSync and GEN_UPG_HANDLER_12332) and added a routing by introspection.

      The queues on both sides were changed to Run status.

      Then I ran the Full Data Publish on the HCM side. If you know what I might be missing, I'd love your feedback!