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    open_ssl failed error: 28759 and user unable to authenticate

      Our root CA certificate for Active Directory expired and no AD users could login to Oracle Portal. Seeded OID users could sstill login (e.g. orcladmin). We issued a new root CA cert and imported it into the Oracle Wallet, but users still cannot login. The PL/SQL plug-ins have been deleted and recreated. All OAS components, including the database, were restarted. Debugging the PL/SQL plug-ins yields the message "open_ssl failed error: 28759", which I think means there is an issue opening the wallet.

      We are running Oracle Portal 10.1.4, OID on WIndows with Widows 2008 AD as the external authentication provider (via PL/SQL plug-ins). Oracle database is on separate Linux server.

      We can't switch to the Java external authentication plug-ins because we need o preserve user's group memberships and permissions (e.g. orclguid issue with deleting all users).

      I'm stumped. Any ideas?