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    Can not delete server from pool

      Ok.....I think I'm on a sinking ship.....

      I want to start from scratch.....deleting the SAN servers, server pool, everything and start over.....

      however, I can not remove any servers from the pool because the manager thinks their in an error state. I rebooted on of the servers and it came up just fine. The manager is just messed up!

      So how can I remove the server in an error state?

      Is there a way to bring the manager back to where I started discovering the servers? Please don't say re-install or I will have to start looking for a rope.
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          Soumyajit Haldar
          When you are deleting the SAN server and will do a reinstall, what are you bothering for????
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            I have barley got the system off the ground and am now facing a "re-install". With the problems that I am having and others I see on this forum....makes it look like this is still a beta product.
            A system in production should not have to be "re-installed" to solve a problem....or that someone needs to do something at the OS level to do a fix. The manager should have the ability to "go back to factory defaults", do backups and restores of its data (not relying on backups/restores of the Oracle database).

            I have a great 'rock sturdy" reliable system right now.....but is dated and I need to upgrade hardware. I need something as reliable to replace it.....
            I guess I am just frusterated that their are some major bugs down deep that need to be addressed.