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    MW 2.19 - Applying First Patch

      Apps Upgrade: -> 12.1.1
      OS: Linx RHEL 4

      Product Family: Review Upgrade Tasks
      Task: Apply AD Minipack
      Step: 1.6-Apply patch 7429271

      This is my 2nd upgrade attempt and I have come to the very first patch that needs to be applied and the "setup" portion successfully downloaded the patch but the "execute" portion is having problems finding the "release".

      Found release REL= from fnd_product_groups.
      WARNING - must be on cat 4-6 steps to apply non-preinstall mode Release 11.5.X patches.

      I examined the patchit11i.sh and couldn't find anything wrong with it. I am thinking that perhaps there is something amiss with the Linux env that is configured by MW when the script is copied to and executed on the APPS tier.

      Regardless, I can apply the patch manually but I am wondering how this is going to get fixed once this patch is done and I move on to all of the other patches.

      Applying patches worked fine during my first upgrade attempt so I know that it can work.