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    config.xml not getting synced with the Admin server's config.xml

      In WLS, during the restart of managed servers, the config.xml gets synced with the Admin's config.xml (when Managed servers are on different machine).

      Does the same behavior applies to the coherence servers (if coherence servers are created and started from Admin console using Node Manager)?

      I have Admin server on Machine "M1" and Coherence Server on Machine "M2" which is configured to start with Node manager.

      When I update some configurations from Admin console, those changes are updated in the Admin Server's config.xml (i.e. on M1 box) and on M2 box i.e. coherence server config.xml is not updated. Even after the restart of the coherence server, the config.xml on M2 box is not updated with the changes or else it is not getting synced with the Admin server's config.xml.

      Is it expected behavior?