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    NodeManager Inactive (except it isnt)


      I have a machine hosting 5 domains (admin servers for each domain are on this machine).

      In each of those domains the machine and node manager configuration appears to be identical if viewed from the admin console.

      However for one domain the node manager appears as "Inactive". In that same domain the node manager for the machine hosting the managed servers is also "Inactive" although the configuration appears to be correct. Any thoughts on where I can look / what I can investigate.

      I have confirmed node manager is active and listening on 5556 on both machines.

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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          1. Node Manager Process is associated with a Machine and NOT with specific Weblogic Domain (i.e. Use one node manager for multiple domains on same machine)

          2. There are two versions of Node Manager - Java-based and Script-based

          Java-based node manager - runs with in JVM (Java Virtual Machine) Process and more secure than script-based node manager. Configuration for java-based node manager are stored in nodemanager.properties

          Script-based node manager - is available for Linux and Unix systems only and is based on shell script.

          3. There are multiple ways to access Node Manager
          - From Administration Console : Environments -> Machines -> Configuration -> Node Manager
          - JMX utilities (Java Management eXtension) more here
          - WLST commands (WebLogic Scripting Tool)

          4.Default port on which node manager listen for requests is localhost:5556, When you configure Node Manager to accept commands from remote systems, you must uninstall the default Node Manager service, then reinstall it to listen on a non-localhost (IP’s other than listen address.

          5. Any domain created before creation of Node Manager Service will not be accessible via node Manager(even after restarting node manager), solution is to run the WLST command “nmEnroll” to enroll that domain with the Node Manager.

          6. Any domains created after the Node Manager service has been installed should not have to be enrolled against the Node Manager. The Node Manager should automatically be ‘reachable‘ by the domain.

          before that try the configuration of the Nodemanager on every machine.

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            Yes I understand node managers are associated with machine thats why I was confused.

            Based on your response it sounds to me like this specific domain needs the enrollment step! Will give it a try and let you know.

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              you have to enroll node manager or you can say each domain with the node manager, here are the step by step information you are loooking for - http://weblogicserveradministration.blogspot.com/2012/10/weblogic-enroll-domain-node-manager.html

              Mukesh Negi